I am so excited to tell you about this one.  I love this survey company!  Then send you a $3 check by mail every time you complete a survey!  They are not always open to new members and they don’t overwhelm you with opportunities, but you know each survey will pay out!  They will also occasionally send you products to try out at home that you get to keep!  The products have not been released to the general public yet – so you get the thrill of trying something totally new!

To register yourself, click here.  You must follow this link – if you go to their home page, it will not allow you to register through there.  I do not get any compensation for recommending them to you – except the satisfaction of sending more money your way!  Only 1 person per household may sign up.

If you have questions about this company, check out these pages here and here.


Apparently there are mail in rebates attached to some of the Seventh Generation products sold in Target.  I am trying to locate a copy of this online and will post it if I do so.  Target has coupons out for $1 off Seventh Generation products (found here).  There are also manufacturer’s coupons online here.  You can combine the 2 coupons (Target accepts 1 manufacturer’s coupon and 1 Target coupon per item) to save $2 on each item.

The rebate allows $5 back on 3 Seventh Generation products.  If the products cost approx. $3 per item and you save $2 with coupons, you will only be laying out $1 per product.  Multiply this by 3 (to be eligible for rebate) and you will be MAKING $2 BY BRINGING THIS PRODUCT HOME!!!

NOTE:  Seventh Generation’s website coupons will be reset after tomorrow.  I highly suggest you print them by tomorrow 3/31 – you can always print more on 4/1 then.

UPDATE:  You’ll find the rebate here!  Thanks Beca!!!!

Thanks Hip2Save!

Tomorrow Toys R Us will have a BOGO Free sale on My Little Pony!  Couple this with the BOGO Free My Little Pony coupon that came in last week’s paper and you can also print two more coupons from here.

Here’s how it works:

Buy 2 My Little Pony horses

Price of one will automatically be deducted at the register (Toys R Us promotion).

The manufacturer’s coupon should deduct the price of the other pony.

The cashier may try to give you a hard time – many of them do not understand how to use coupons.  BOGO free is a Toys R Us promotion, the BOGO free coupon is a manufacturer’s coupon – the price of which will be reimbursed to Toys R Us.  This is key – THEY ARE NOT LOSING OUT ON ANY MONEY.  If the cashier says anything, just explain this to them.  It is perfectly legal, I do not condone the use of coupons illegally and wouldn’t mention this if it were illegal.

They are less likely to give you a hard time if you buy other things, so couple this with some of the game promotions I mentioned 2 posts below to walk out of Toys R Us with a lot of gifts for a little bit of cash!

Thanks Frugal Find!

Heads up on a deal!

Are you a member of Tropicana Juicy Rewards?  You can redeem those strange codes on your OJ for coupons that you can use locally!  You can sign up here if you haven’t yet.

Tomorrow they will be releasing a “deal” – a secret deal.  Check back on their facebook page tomorrow or on the Juicy Rewards page.  The last deal they released was a BOGO free carton of OJ coupon!

Target deals tonight!

Just got back from Target and I’m flying high from the deals I just got!  Here are the highlights:

Bandaids – Toy Story – $1.82 – $1 off Target coupon = $.82

Curious George 2 Movie SALE $6.99 (reg price $14.99) – $5 grocery card rebate (there will be a sticker on the DVD) = $1.99

Toy Story Beach Towel $9.99 – $2 Target coupon = $7.99

Bop-It SALE $14.00 – $3 Target coupon – $5 Hasbro Play Saver coupon = $6.00

Monopoly Deal Card game $6.94 – $6.94 (promotion from buying Bop-It)

– $5 Hasbro Play Saver coupon = -$5.00 (yes – that’s a negative number!)

Large dozen eggs SALE $.99

Toys R Us is running a few promotions that are going to make board games SUPER cheap!  There are great sale prices, you can earn a $5 gift card with any Hasbro board game purchase of $20 and there are mail-in rebates on Hasbro games!

Here is how the pricing goes:

Candyland on sale for $4.99 – $2 mail in rebate = $2.99

Cootie on sale for $4.99 – $2 mail in rebate = $2.99

Chute and Ladders on sale for $4.99 – $2 mail in rebate = $2.99

Original Memory on sale for $4.99 – $2 mail in rebate = $2.99

Hi Ho Cherry-O on sale for $4.99 – $2 mail in rebate = $2.99

Operation on sale for $8.99 – $3 mail in rebate = $5.99

Trouble on sale for $8.99 – $3 mail in rebate = $5.99

Connect 4 on sale for $8.99 – $4 manufacturer’s coupon -Hasbro PlaySaver – $3 mail in rebate = $1.99!

Twister on sale for $8.99 – $4 manufacturer’s coupon – Hasbro PlaySaver  – $3 mail in rebate = $1.99!

Battleship on sale for $8.99 – $4 mail in rebate – $3 mail in rebate = $1.99!

Bop It on sale for $14.99 – $5 manufacturer’s coupon – Hasbro PlaySaver  – $3 mail in rebate = $6.99

Connect 4×4 on sale for $14.99 – $3 mail in rebate = $11.99

Guess Who on sale for $11.99 – $3 = $11.99

Sorry Sliders on sale for $11.99 – $3 mail in rebate = $8.99

Looks like the Hasbro Play Saver coupons have changed this week – hope you printed yours last week! These coupons are coming and going on the website, if you are lucky enough to catch them, print whatever you might use.  Even without them, these are great prices on these game – don’t forget you get a $5 gift card with a $20 purchase too!

I know you photographers already know about this lens – it’s a great deal with all the extra savings taken off.  Normally priced at $249.99.  There are coupons available for sale on ebay that will give you another $25 off if you wanted to purchase one.  They are out of stock online right now, so call your local store to check stock or check back online this week.

You can check store availability here.  Not all stores carry this equipment.

If you get lucky enough to catch them in stock online, make sure you order with Mr. Rebates for an extra 2% cash back.  Or use your Discover card for an extra 5% cash back.